Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Love West Seattle!

So last night, after posting about how much I love the trees and wildlife in West Seattle, I was definitely in the mood to take a little walk down to the beach. And I saw some amazingly beautiful sights:

Seriously—look at that beautiful sky and its reflection in the beautiful water! And hey, a little bit of a bare tree in front of the sky too—yay!

Okay, so this is blurry (taken w/ my camera phone), but this is a bunch of ducks all bathing out in the Puget Sound—so cute!

Another view of the Puget Sound.

And I'm back to get a shot of that tree and the white house from the first picture—I love that house! In fact, I love all of the older houses along the beach in West Seattle. One of the best things about West Seattle is that most of the houses and apartment buildings look completely different—there's no attempt to make everything match or fit in the same mold. Every time I drive down my street, I feel like I'm in a vacation town. It's a good feeling!

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