Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Glad Game

If you've read the book or seen the movie, you know that Pollyanna is a big proponent of the Glad Game. Which is, basically finding a reason to be glad about everything—even if at first glance, you think it kind of sucks. I am big fan of this way of thinking. I honestly feel that positive thinking creates a healthier, better life. I believe you become what you think about. And oh boy, would I like to be glad.

Sometimes (like today), it's harder than others to play the Glad Game: it's raining; I feel stuck, unchallenged, and unmotivated at work (and I greatly desire a new job that actually fulfills me); I most likely have some female hormonal thing like PMS going on, etc. I've already cried like three times today. Over not much.

So it's times like these that it's even more important to play the Glad Game. One cannot get out of one's funk if one continues to think funky thoughts. So here are some glad thoughts to counter the bad thoughts:

  • I'm glad all the rain will help the trees, grass, and flowers grow and we'll have a lovely spring because of it
  • I'm glad I work with such amazing people that I enjoy being around
  • I'm glad I have a job that gives me a salary and health benefits
  • I'm glad I no longer have the devil IUD that caused even more female hormonal PMS-like things (and very frequently too)
  • I'm glad I don't keep my emotions all bottled up inside

And here's some more random glad thoughts to further help get me going toward a sunnier outlook:

  • I'm glad I have this beautiful little yellow rose in a cute little blue pot on my desk—it's sunny & cheerful
  • I'm glad I finally watched the videos for The Black Keys', Tighten Up and Howlin' for You - those are funny guys who write some pretty great songs (yes, I'm a bit behind the times as far as music videos go)
  • I'm glad my sister and her husband get to go to Orlando next week—and get to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Disneyworld and other amazing Florida stuff
  • I'm glad I have the two cutest little basement cats ever (okay, cutest cats ever, regardless of fur color)
  • I'm glad I have a stack of 12 library books at my house (and one at work)
  • I'm glad I found cute black ballet flats with little birdies on the inside at H & M this past weekend
  • I'm glad I'm a brunette now (I look best with brown hair, I think)
  • I'm glad I'll come home to find Mad Men Season 4, discs one and two waiting for me in their little red Netflix envelopes in my mailbox
  • I'm glad I got to see my grandparents this weekend and hear interesting stories about their lives and see interesting keepsakes (including my great-great-grandfather's potato that he kept in his pants pocket to help his arthritis and my great-grandmother's pair of glasses from the 50s or 60s)
  • I'm glad I have a beautiful black PT Cruiser—I love my car!
  • I'm glad I get to each lunch now!


PamelaHD said...

This was my favorite book as a child. My grandmother gave it to me for Christmas when I was in elementary school. I still have my copy somewhere. It's not as pretty as this one, but I read it every few years just to remind myself about gratitude.

Adriane said...

I can't believe I'd never read it until now! I'll definitely be re-reading it often - it's a wonderful reminder about gratitude!!